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Development of a model of synergies aimed at Qualifying and Enhancing the Natural Historical Cheeses of Southern Italy in the Regions of Sicily, Sardinia, Basilicata and Campania

Source of financing: AGRO-FOOD FOUNDATIONS FOR THE RESEARCH – AGER – in progress

The "Canestrum casei" project focusses on dairy products at risk of extinction or showing particular difficulties in terms of market qualification and valorization. Among the Natural Historical Cheeses of the Southern Italy, 16 (AGER Selection) have been chosen, according to the following criteria:

  • produced using traditional and eco-sustainable techniques;

  • produced in mountainous and / or marginal areas in the regions involved by the project;

  • presence of young people in the farming systems;

  • products that have been the subject of scientific research that demonstrates the peculiarities of both production systems and products;

  • willingness of the producers to support the project by participating in the project activities.

For the chosen cheeses, the project will fill a scientific gap by specifically addressing the nutritional characteristics to make labels "talking”,and fine-tuning new promotion and marketing approaches.


Development of a product-territory model for Campania legumes

Source of financing: RDP Campania Region 2014-2020, Measure 16 Cooperation, Sub-measure 16.1 Support for the establishment and functioning of the IEP Operational Groups on the productivity and sustainability of agriculture, Action 1 "Support for the establishment and start-up of the Operating Groups " - in progress

PROTELE will enhance the production of legumes in Campania using scientific results that attest, on a genomic basis, to the link between production and the individual territory. The importance of the product-territory link becomes, therefore, the lever for valorization strategies as well as the criterion by which to promote aggregation within the supply chain.


Use of vegetable rennet for the production of innovative cheese based on cow's milk

Source of financing: RDP CAMPANIA 2007-2013 - Measure 124 HC "Cooperation for the development of new products, processes and technologies in the agricultural, food and forestry sectors"

Experimentation and validation of new dairy products that are based on cow's milk with vegetable coagulants. The new products will be differentiated not only by the nature of the coagulant, but also by the final organoleptic characteristics, in terms of texture, flavor and shelf life. The project's aims to contribute to the niche market of dairy products based on vegetable coagulants, both with well-established technologies, such as those of spun pastes, and with alternative technologies.


Validation of new dairy products and fodder capable of improving the overall quality of the dairy cow system

Source of financing: RDP CAMPANIA 2007-2013 - Measure 124 HC "Cooperation for the development of new products, processes and technologies in the agricultural, food and forestry sectors"

The project stems from intense research activity developed by the partnership in the bovine dairy sector. The knowledge acquired in the context of the effects of diet and of bovine breeding, on the dietetic-nutritional quality of cheeses has been used to introduce elements of innovation along the entire production chain: breeding, processing and enhancement / marketing of new dairy products. The aim of the Novorod project is the production of cheeses made with rennet derived from the Pertosa white artichoke.


Local Product Development Network


The LoProDeN project aims to build a network between producers of typical and artisanal food products in newly-acceded countries and Italian regions, aimed at the exchange of good practices and territorial animation. The purpose of the research is to coordinate the producers of the Basilicata region, organizing and structuring the network and facilitating, through workshops, training and meetings, the transfer of good practices related to strategies for promotion, marketing and enhancement of valuable regional produce.

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Collection, Characterization, Enhancement and Protection of Bean ecotypes (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) for obtaining certified typical products in the Casalbuono Territory in the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park

Source of financing: -

The project aims to discover ways to valorise the local bean ecotypes in order to combine two objectives of EU agricultural policy, namely rural development of the inland areas and the safeguarding of biodiversity. The project has proposed a certification system to guarantee producers and consumers.

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